I am a ‘stay at home mum’ who, being led by an unseen hand, has found herself a long way from her natural home back in the UK. My husband Simon and I moved from the hustle and bustle of Britain over eleven years ago and have set up home in the very heart of Estonia where we feel very much a part of this small community. We are both Christians and our life is a colourful mix of ordinary family life, youth and kids work, church life, gardening and running our own online business.

I love variety and that is hopefully reflected in the number of different themes covered in this blog…I hope you enjoy it.

And why the name BICO?…Because It’s Cold Outside!

  our etsy shop


<a href=”http://new Etsy.Mini(7822945,’gallery’,4,3,0,’http://www.etsy.com&#8217;);”>new Etsy.Mini(7822945,’gallery’,4,3,0,’http://www.etsy.com&#8217;);

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