Bloom where you are planted

Sometimes a picture says more than any of your own words ever could, and this for me is one of them…


Perhaps like this plant, you find yourself between a rock and a hard place and would gladly transplant yourself to somewhere that looks more like this, where the soil is good, where you are surrounded by others like you, where the sun shines bright and everything comes easy….


Oh wouldn’t that be nice!? Perhaps life just hasn’t turned out that way and for one reason or another the Master Gardener has found it best to put you in the circumstances where you find yourself now, in that job, that house that ‘whatever is difficult’ for you situation. Well if that’s the case, you might be encouraged by what I discovered about rock plants.

These little plants grow in hard places and their roots, though incredibly fragile looking, are able to penetrate down in between the cracks in the rock and find it’s source of strength. Over time, those little roots can start to change the surface of the rock and that hard impenetrable place can be broken.

Incredibly as that plant dies in the place where it is put, nature does it’s amazing work and turns that plant into soil which in turn gives opportunity for other seeds, more numerous and stronger than it ever was to take root and grow in it’s place.  That brave little plant was a forerunner for others to come in the next generation….in it’s death and sacrifice it gives life to others.

So if you feel like a lone little rock plant, take courage and lift your head to the ‘Sun’.  No one else may notice you or see your significance but the Father sees and smiles as He looks down and sees you being true and faithful, giving praise to Him in the place where you are planted.




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