Soul Therapy

Everyone needs some soul therapy once in a while, a getaway, a source of pleasure in a world of demands and general busyness; whether it’s a walk through autumn leaves or crisp white snow or something more dramatic like sky diving!
So what does a mother of three lively children do between cooking meals, cleaning up mess, organising kids and youth events, having meetings in her home amongst a multitude of other things….Well, I have a place of solitude, a bit of ‘me time’ that I like to have once in a while when the opportunity presents itself. It takes place about fifteen minutes drive from my home in the lovely village of Olustvere, where in the grounds of an old Germanic manor house I find a few of my favourite things…

Number one…horses


It might not do it for you, but for me, when I am around horses or ponies, something inside me says, “aaaaah, that’s better…!” I think it’s the memory of childhood, mucking around stables, and spending every spare moment on horse back. I have to say that I have tried to get back in the saddle, but having been out of it for so long I now find the experience too excruciating, so I just opt for their general presence! But there is more than horses at Olustvere, and in my bid for escape I have now opted for something less painful and more sedate, found here, in the sanctuary of the Olustvere pottery…


It is here that I spend a pleasurable couple of hours with my friend Kaie, who is more than just your average potter, (see the photo below). She does the really good stuff, whereas I enjoy playing around with bits of clay hoping that something worthwhile comes out of it! There is something very earthy and therapeutic about the whole process, kneading, pounding, spinning and smoothing this substance into something useful. I find it fascinating when Kaie tells me that clay has a memory, and that no matter how much you smooth it and remake it, what you have done previously leaves and impression in the clay that affects the final outcome…amazing and thought provoking when you consider the similarities with our own lives. As for the glazes they seem to have some inexplicable rules of their own which always add a touch of surprise to the final item.


As with all mums my ‘me time’ doesn’t often remain my own as I have a budding little artist in the family who, at the drop of a hat will accompany me to my destination. She has a natural aptitude for all things ‘crafty’ and I don’t think she does badly at all for a what was then seven year old…


As for me, I am pleased to say that there have been a few successes ( and a few flops!) along the way, and I have managed to produce one or two useable items for our own home which I am very proud of! So the next time you buy something from our etsy shop you may find a little item in your package made by myself as a little thank you for stopping by. It isn’t much but I did enjoy making it for you which is the best bit.




4 thoughts on “Soul Therapy

  1. What beautiful place you live in, and wonderful to be able to have some time out somewhere special, very impressed with your pottery. It lovely to read about somewhere in such a contrast to here xxx

    • Yes, every place has an up side. We still find it hard to take the very long winters, even though it’s beautiful. Malawi is certainly a big contrast. Hope you enjoyed your camping trip.

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